Hey, I’m Chloë.
#1 Best Selling Author, Multi-Award Winner Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Inspirational Business Mentor.
I help female entrepreneurs, business owners and educators to earn more and work less by building a successful online business and sharing their message with the world! 
If there is only one thing you need to know about Chloë, it is this — She believes that all woman have what it takes to be successful female entrepreneurs and that women have the right to create their own businesses, their own income streams and their own happiness. 

Chloë, also known as The Automation Queen, is a number one bestselling author, international speaker, multi-award winning entrepreneur and multiple six figure business owner - and she's not even hit 30 yet! 

As a chartered accountant at the age of 21 and director by the age of 24, Chloë's success came to a sharp halt when she was diagnosed with severe clinical depression at the age of 25. After months of growth and recover, Chloë knew she was meant for more than just the normal path and began her journey of entrepreneurship. 

Today Chloë runs a training organisation that teaches female entrepreneurs how to use social media and sales funnels to work less and earn more and to date, Chloë has helped thousands of women to build their own online businesses and make their dreams a reality!

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