Hey, I’m Chloë.
#1 Best Selling Author, Multi-Award Winner Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Publishing Expert
I give inspiring entrepreneurs a platform to tell their story, explode their brand and getting taken f*cking seriously.


About Chloë

If there is only one thing you need to know about Chloë, it is this — She believes that everyone has what it takes to be successful and create their own businesses, their own income streams and their own happiness.

Chloë is a publishing and visibility expert, host of the Inspired By show, a #1 bestselling author, international speaker and multi-award winning entrepreneur.

As a chartered accountant at the age of 21 and director by the age of 24, Chloë's success came to a sharp halt when she was diagnosed with severe clinical depression at the age of 25. After months of growth and recovery, Chloë knew she was meant for more than just the normal path and began her journey of entrepreneurship.

With all of her businesses, her passion and purpose is the same; to inspire others to reach their full potential and finally stand in their power, getting exactly what they want and being authentically, unapologetically themselves!
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Tune in to the Inspired By show for raw and real conversations with celebrity guests, thought leaders and experts sharing a side you've not seen before.
Get Chloe's #1 best-selling book and range of free guides to learn how you can dream big, achieve more and transform your life and business today.
Invite Chloë to inspire, empower and train your clients or teams on entrepreneurship, wellbeing, mindset, leadership, marketing, publishing and more.
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Want to learn how you can reach a new level in your life? Want to be inspired by raw and real conversations with some of the worlds most influential and inspirational entrepreneurs, celebrities, thought leaders and experts?

The Inspired By show brings you Chloë Bisson’s thought provoking conversations with guests that reveal the truth, challenges the “norm” and calling out the B.S. that many of us have heard. If you want to feel motivated, energised and, of course, inspired then tune in.
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Determined & Dangerous
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