Ready to start challenging the norm and create your dream life?
Whether you're looking for help to get you unstuck or an expert to fire your questions at, Chloë will help you gain clarity, overcome any obstacles and take steps to soar to your success! 
About Chloë
Chloë’s philosophy is based on the principles of ‘Challenge, Change and Conquer’ and with this she inspires and empowers women to challenge the norm and become unstoppable in creating the life that they deserve. A life where they feel happy, feel healthy, feel fulfilled, spend time with their families, do what they love and achieve their goals at the same time.

Chloë worked in the corporate world for 8 years before breaking free and starting her own business. As a chartered accountant, certified professional coach and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, Chloë's unique and diverse approach has assisted her in supporting over 100 Queens with creating their dream lives!

Through the power of strategic planning, Chloë provides people with the tools to design their own roadmap to success, through their own eyes, and guides them on their journey to achieve their dreams.

With more female success stories than ever before, Chloë believes that every Queen deserves the opportunity to achieve their dreams and has worked to build a tribe of over 1,500 Queens who are challenging the norm and striving for more.
Work with Chloë
Ruling like a Queen is more than doing one thing really well. It's about having a balance and being happy in all areas of your life that matter to YOU. Here's an overview of how you can work with Chloë to challenge your normal routine, change your behaviours and conquer your goals!
From building her own online business, Chloë has been on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster ride and knows how challenging it can be. 

Using the power of strategic planning, Chloë will provide you with the tools to design your roadmap to build your successful business and guide you on your journey.

You will be able to confidently put your foot on the accelerator, connect with your perfect customers, build your empire and rule it like a Queen! 
From her own personal experiences of mental health challenges, Chloë knows how lost you can feel when your mind takes over.

Through powerful coaching and NLP techniques, Chloë will help you overcome any mindset challenges that you may be facing or that may be stopping you from reaching your full potential. 

By removing your roadblocks, you will be able to confidently move forward, take steps to achieve your goals and soar to your success!
As a natural lover of food, Chloë understands the challenges that we all face when it comes to knowing what we "should" be eating to achieve our goals.

Chloë will help you understand your nutritional needs, design your own meal plans and find the foods that work for you and your lifestyle. 

You will be able to eat foods that you enjoy and make you feel amazing whilst giving your body the fuel that it needs to boost you forward and power you to achieve your goals! 
"My mission is to inspire and empower one million Queens to challenge the norm and create their dream lives"
It all starts with you...
Imagine what it would be like to...
  • Wake up every morning feeling energised and excited for the day;
  • Believe in yourself, your dreams and know that you're on the right track to achieve them;
  • Spend time with your family and create amazing memories;
  • Not worry about others opinions and what others think of you;
  • Live your life the way you've always wanted to, on your terms; and
  • Be supported in achieving your goals and know that you're not on your own.
If all it did was make this your reality,
would it be worth it?
What do others say?
Natalie Dale
"This is one of the few programs I have done that has actually done what it said it will, the value is huge, the course covers everything and allows you to take it in at your own pace. 

I have the confidence to know who I am marketing to, my ideal customer, strategies on how to reach them & the tools to map out & implement a marketing plan. I can now manage my own marketing campaign & I have the skills & tools to do it with ease. 

You get to grow in a supportive community, learn & ask questions & make friends.

It will be the best money you can invest in yourself & your business!"
Jessica Illingworth
"I can not believe how incredibly amazing I am waking up feeling. I have never had so much motivation, determination and excitement like this before and it is so refreshing! 

I am already on an amazing journey to get to my goal! Having small steps to lead me to my main goal is so exciting as I know I'm not wasting any more time and also I'm making my dreams come true.

I can not thank you enough Chloe for what you have taught me, what you are installing in me, how you are helping me to grow and be the person I'm so longing to be and to be able to put myself first along with my family (I always feel guilty when I don't). 

I'm so glad I have direction and there is no looking back!"
Marilyn Cook
"Before working with Chloe, I was constantly battling with my weight, waking up every morning to feel deflated after getting weighed.

When I started the programme, I saw 5lb weight loss in the first week, 3lb weight loss in the second week and 2lb weight loss in the third week! I feel very proud and happy with myself. Now I wake up in the morning looking forward to getting weighed to see if I have lost any more weight!

I like the fact that Chloe is constantly liasing with me. She checks to see if I am eating at regular intervals, drinking lots of water and ensures that I am not hungry as this is what clean eating is all about. 

I am so pleased that I did it, all good and healthy eating. I feel full of energy and this is the most successful eating plan I have had since I very first started dieting many decades ago. It is no longer a diet, it is a pleasure to eat knowing that I have no worries about the old yoyo affect!"
Annie Moon
"I have just spent what's probably been one of the most constructive and productive hours being coached by Chloe. 

Chloe quite literally blew all my expectations out of the water. She quickly grasped what my business is about, my target audience and the specific nuances for working with them.  

She was able to give honest, useful and insightful feedback on where I am now and moving forward towards my big vision for my business - and creating positive social change in the world.  

It's rare that I'm bowled over by a fellow professional's skill set, approach and level of engagement. This was one of those occasions."
Sandra Buckley
"When I met Chloe I was in the idea phase of my business, I knew what I wanted to do but it was still just an idea, at the planning stage.

From working with Chloe, I'm so much more focused on the things that need to be done to get my business of the ground and I've now got a true belief in myself, I really truly believe that I can do it.

Chloe really made me think about my business, what I want to achieve and she kept me accountable to make sure I was achieving the goals I had set for myself.

Chloe has a wealth of knowledge and is so passionate and driven. She truly believes in the people that she works with. 

It's changed the way that I look at my business and I feel really ready now to embrace the excitement and challenges of being a business owner!"

Noelia Nieto Garcia
"One of the best decision I did was to try your coaching program. 

For several reasons as my job, my son, stress, study, missing my family... I forgot to have time to think about myself, who I am, what I want, what is good for me.

One month ago I started your program, and I have learned new things about myself: I know what is good for me, where is my limit, my values, my positive thinking backed.

How I said in my last session I really like how I am... I am really proud of myself. And I think, this is the first time of my life that I say this to myself. And now I can not stop to telling me!

Thank you Chloë we did it.. !!"
You don't need to do it alone!
Join our tribe of over 1,500 Queens!
We are a family, a tribe of Queens that believe we deserve to live our dream lives and do what we enjoy whilst making memories with the ones that we love. We are connected because we know that we are stronger together! 

Our community is dedicated to incredible queens by offering an environment with amazing support, tools, tips and unlimited resources. Everything you need to create your dream life.


If you’re doubting whether you can really do this, we're here to tell you that you really can and we're not going anywhere until you believe you can too!