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As an inspiring and high energy speaker, Chloë provides keynotes and workshops on a range of topics including storytelling, book writing, publishing, public speaking and creating an impact.

As a advocate for female entrepreneurship, Chloe also specialises in helping women to grow their businesses and is able to provide a range of talks and workshops on female entrepreneurship, getting visible & building a strong personal brand with influence.

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Chloë's Features On...
London Business Magazine
Transforming business into a fully automated income making machine. 
"In the age we’re living in today, every business needs to have an online presence. For so many people, as soon as they find out about a business..."
Global Woman TV
The Real Stories Behind Success –Women Embrace your Setbacks
"Global Woman TV Show comes live this time from the BBC Studio with Chloe Bisson, a happy woman that has built her empire as an Automation Queen!"
Global Woman Magazine
Inspiring stories from self made women
"After flying up the ladder in the corporate world, it didn’t take long for Chloe to realise that she wanted more from her life so she began her new adventure..."
Modern Mindset
Get rid of manual, repetitive tasks and automate it instead!
"Adam Cox is joined by Chloe Bisson, sharing the best tools for automation, tips to enable entrepreneurs to free up their time and spend it on the things that really matter for their business."
Global Women Summit
Helping women to have their freedom while earning money
"Coming live from the Global Woman Summit, Chloe shares her experience on staging teaching women how to build a successful online business, overcoming the judgement of others and using technology to help you achieve it!"
Business Innovators Radio
How to increase your income online in times of crisis
"Mark Stephen Pooler is joined by Chloe Bisson and talks generating income during challenging times and using the online world to share your message and sell your products and services!"
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